Metallica may very well be the most successful Metal band ever. Probably any given Metal fan has or had a time in his life with Metallica being one of his favourite combos. Be it the old classics like "Kill 'Em All","Ride The Lightning", and "...And Justice For All" with the über-song "One", or the newer works "Load" and "Death Magnetic".

Metallica has fans in all age groups and is perhaps the common denominator when it comes to Metal in general. The band has been together since 1981, going through ups and downs as relentlessly shown in the documentary "Some Kind Of Monster". This band has seen and experienced almost everything - and it helped Metallica to evolve and to become even more successful. Even musical sideways like on "Lulu" and the aspiration to shut down the filesharing service Napster couldn't derogate their success. The Californians are always welcome in every arena on this planet, and the fans flock to any given Metallica concert, even if it may be in the Antarctic region. On December 10. 2013, Metallica played a concert in the Antarctic - the event was called "Trapped Under Ice"and constituted a world record because after all, no band had ever played in that area before. Metallica is a unique phenomenon, a band always topping it all - world class. With their film "Through The Never" featured in international cinemas, they have also proven that they're pretty creative minds. 

It doesn't matter whether it's at a concert, a festival, or on a record - Metallica just know how to forge hot Metal. Songs like "Master Of Puppets", "Ride The Lightning", "Seek And Destroy", "Enter Sandman", "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)", "The Unforgiven", "St.Anger", "Wherever I May Roam", "Blackened", or "Nothing Else Matters" have made Heavy Metal history.

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