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Vixxsin is a brand with many facets! In the EMP Online Shop, you'll find fashion in Gothic, Punk, and Tattoo style! Just look around, you'll certainly find the right pieces for you!

Your wardrobe says: the blacker the better? Welcome to Vixxsin, your new playground - get your load of black fabric here! We have Gothic dresses with many elaborate details, warm Gothic coats, and a lot of Gothic tops aiming right at the core of your fashion sense with lace, lacing, skulls or dark prints. If you're looking for a beautiful piece to make an impressive appearance, this is the perfect place.

Although you'd like to show your Gothic style every day, sometimes work or school dress codes prevent you from living it out to the max... Rejoice, ladies, Vixxsin also has a lot of clothes for everyday. So, live your style! Vixxsin offers sweaters, dresses, and more pieces that are wearable on any occasion.

But fortunately, you can also dig deep into the treasure chest and and choose something striking! If you have a passion for tattoos and skin-deep experiences, the Rockabilly style dresses are just the right stuff for you! Beautiful and extravagant cuts and a lot of tattoo motifs such as swallows, anchors, sugar skulls, spider-webs, etc. make for an extra touch of elegance! The motto is: Get dressed, feel comfy, and make a striking appearance!

But the Vixxsin crew makes sure that the heart of a true Punk fan will beat faster, too. According to the slogan: Long live Punk!, even fans of studs, Punk prints and designs will find their personal favourite! You'll sure find the right leggings here - whether with lacings striking prints, bondage or cuts: Vixxsin is always a great choice!

The huge range includes stylish stuff for everyone! If you can't wait any longer and want to shop until you drop - just go visit our Online Shop! We have gorgeous Gothic dresses, tops, and a lot of leggings and trousers on stock.

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