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It all started 1977 - Alchemy England was launched by Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson in the Midlands of England. At that time, Geoff Kayson was active in the Punk scene and switched from creating soldier figurines to creating jewellery. The target group for his first jewellery collection was the Punk clientele, of course.

The two Alchemy founders also supervised the collection especially designed for the Gothic- and Metal scene. And because it still didn't seem to be enough for them, they expanded the Alchemy Gothic collection by adding the Steampunk and Urban Rock Artwork series. UL13 und UL17.

Alchemy Gothic jewellery seduces you to enter a world of fantasy and mythology, of enigmatic legends and dark ages. The Urban Rock Artwork series is a token of the sympathy for Metal, Rock, Rockabilly, and the biker's and tattoo lifestyle.
In our online shop, you can fill your little treasure chest with those impressive pieces, stocking up on some really precious and extraordinary items!

Jewellery, though, is not the only stuff offered by the Alchemy duo - since the 80s, they have also focused on merchandise products. The Alchemy logo consists of a skull with a rose, originally created for advertising purposes. But after a while, it turned out to be a real sales hit, so it was used on t-shirts and jewellery, too. Until today, the skull is featured in various forms and combinations on their clothes. Alchemy designs are inspired by the world of tattoos, Gothic, fantasy, and Metal, but also by elements taken from the realm of dark romance, such as Bram Stoker's Dracula or Edgar Allan Poe's Nevermore.

Alchemy has become a true success story, with their clothes and jewellery being important staples in the Gothic and Metal scene. Musicians have also found out about that fact and like to shop Alchemy stuff! Christina Scabbia ofLacuna Coil, Sonic Syndicate, 69 Eyes and Five Finger Death Punch wear Alchemy on stage.

You can explore the Alchemy universe in the EMP online shop, finding a plethora of articles! We have shirts, tops, hoodies, and jewellery for girls, and t-shirts and hoodies for men. And if that still isn't enough Alchemy for you, we also have calendars and tarot and standard card decks!

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