Iron Man

Iron Man has always been one of the most popular Marvel comic heroes. It's the story of Tony Stark, a charming millionaire with a god complex. Tony Stark can be seen as a counterpart to Bruce Wayne from the Marvel Universe. While Batman's alter ego is rather modest and guilt-ridden, Tony Stark represents the exact opposite, being cocky and firmly convinced by himself. Let's be honest, though: This is just why we love him. There are definitely enough heroes who struggle with their own conscience. In this respect, Tony Stark's general "shit happens" attitude seems very refreshing. He is a ladies' man, an adventurer and brilliant scientist - a combination you don't find particularly often. For this reason, he's allowed to show from time to time what he can pull off. In 1963, Iron Man made his first Marvel appearance and five years later got his own series, which continued until 1996. Today, Iron Man is making headlines again, played by actor Robert Downey Jr., who does a damn good job. Rumour has it that at the movie set, the star regularly refuses to stick to his prescribed text but improvises instead. In fact, many of these improvisations find their way into the final cut. He seems to have blended rather well into his role. We too, by the way! This shows in our EMP Online Shop. Of course, we have the Iron Man Trilogy on DVD and Blu-ray, but also the Avengers movies. Moreover, you can buy Iron Man t-shirts, posters and lots of figures by your hero. You are Iron Man!

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