Alice in Wonderland

Care for an adventure? Just follow us! Off through the rabbit hole and into our EMP Alice in Wonderland Online Shop. You'll meet the most fantastic characters here. Drop in on the Mad Hatter's tea party. But just don't follow the White Rabbit - he's always late. And always look out for the weird Cheshire Cat - always suddenly appearing when you don't expect an encounter. On shirts, tops, sweaters and even on pyjamas. Sometimes in its Walt Disney look of 1951, sometimes in the Tim Burton incarnation of 2010. Anyway, whoever you will meet, it will be a big adventure for sure. And of course we're here to help you prepare for this adventure! In our EMP Online Shop you'll find fan merchandise for Alice in Wonderland and her wacky companions. We have clothes, jewellery - and for those who want to experience the story of Alice in Wonderland from a fresh angle, we also have the story as a colourful Manga comic book, or as a graphic novel with a slightly dark touch. Off you go, headfirst into the adventure - but beware the Jabberwocky!

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