The Joker

"Can anybody tell me what kind of world we live in where a man dressed as a bat gets all the publicity?" - Batman's arch nemesis Joker is right in some respect, isn't he? For this reason, we have plenty of fan merch for admirers of villains like Joker. Though we love Batman's adventures, the whole thing would not be as exciting and funny without Joker, right? But wait a second: Where does Joker actually come from, and why does he look like some damn clown? We don't exactly know the answer, yet it's safe to say and hardly surprising that he started as a comedian. However, his career was not funny at all. Payment was low, and nobody seemed to laugh about bis bad jokes - not even out of pity. When his pregnant wife died on top of that, he desperately took an offer from gangsters. Together with them, he was supposed to raid the Monarch Toy Factory. Too bad, though, that Joker had to appear as their masked leader Red Hood. While trying to reach the factory via the grounds of a chemical plant, a guard eventually caught them.

At first, Joker managed to escape, yet unfortunately looked like the gang leader, so he drew the attention of both the police and Batman. Due to the immediate threat, the inexperienced Joker made a grave mistake: He fell into a vat of toxic chemicals. By the time he got out, it was already too late. His skin was bleached, his hair bilious green, and his lips had become bloody red. But Joker didn't feel sad at all because of his disfigurement. When he saw his reflection in a puddle for the first time, he almost died laughing. A psychopath was born. His wife's death and the shock he suffered made him what he is today. Since then, he keeps Gotham City and us really busy. We have plenty of Joker fan merch in store for all lovers of Joker. Whether you are looking for shirts, hoodies, tops, action figures or accessoires - we have it all. So what are you waiting for? It's time to kick Batman's ass. And keep smiling.

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