Harley Quinn

Sometimes, life takes unexpected turns. First, you are a highly talented student with excellent grades, but next thing you know is that you conspire against the good side with the meanest villain on earth. Harleen Quinzel had such rosy prospects. While still studying, she managed to start an internship in psychology at Arkham Asylum in Gotham. Those who are familiar with this psychiatric hospital know that it houses only the most dangerous criminals with the most serious mental issues. Perfect conditions to progress in the field of psychology. However, Quinzel was fascinated - if not downright possessed - by one inmate in particular. For more than three months, she kept begging the management until she was finally allowed to treat him. It was no other than Batman's arch enemyJoker. It wasn't long before Joker dug deep into Harleen's heart and made her fall in love with him. There had probably never been better chances for Joker to break out. With Quinzel at his side, he repeatedly managed to flee from Arkham Asylum. Too bad that the management quickly noted the couple's love relationship. Harleen Quinzel lost her license and was thrown into a dark cell like her lover. Sometimes in life though, one is simply fortunate. During an earthquake in Gotham City, Harleen Quinzel and Joker could escape together. From then on, everything in her life changed. She became Harley Quinn - sidekick and mistress of the villainous Joker. At our EMP Online Shop, you can find all the tools to paint Gotham City red. Apart from Harley Quinn shirts, tops, hoodies and accessoires, we also have action figures of Harley Quinn. Yahtzee!

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