Suicide Squad

Did you ever wonder why all these supervillains such as Joker or Harley Quinn manage to escape from high-security prison time and again to haunt the town once more? The answer to this question is: Suicide Squad! A secret governmental task force consisting of convicts and psychopaths. All members have supernatural powers and are granted impunity for their efforts with the Squad. Their official name is Task Force X, by the way, but they jokingly call themselves Suicide Squad because chances are that they won't survive some of their operations. Just like the Justice League, for example, this group has continually found new members or lost old ones. Similarly to Game of Thrones, key characters are regularly killed without warning in the comic series. A surprise effect fans equally love and hate.

As the members are also rather antisocial individuals, they often hamper themselves with personal animosities, which are highly entertaining. And FINALLY this outstanding comic series is made into a film. Ohhhh yeah! Although it's still quite some time until it comes out, your EMP Online Shop won't fail you, of course. We already have some fan merch in store, and it only gets more just like the criminals in Gotham City, so dropping by from time to time is worth the effort.

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