Strong and independent like a wild cat - that's what Wildcat stands for. You like to express your individual personality? You like to rock and live on the wild side of life?Wildcat is the brand of your choice. The label was established in England 1989, with the idea to help people enhance their character by means of special body jewellery. At the end of the Eighties, the body jewellery business was still considered an exotic trade without a significant future. Well, this opinion was wrong, as it turned out later: piercings and tattoos got immensely popular, and so, jewellery and accessories were constantly refined and improved. Wildcat founder John Donoghue has contributed a lot to this body modification culture, too, Fleshtunnel, Smooth Segment Ring, and Microbell were developed by him. Thank you, John! Since day one, Wildcat has attached great importance to quality. All material is purchased and also manufactured in Germany. This is appreciated by private customers and dealers alike - so, Wildcat has become the leading brand by now when it comes to manufacturing and delivering of piercing jewellery.

Of course, this brand has to be represented in our EMP Online Shop! We offer not only a lot of piercing jewellery by Wildcat, but also ear rings, tunnels, plugs, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and really cool rings featuring skull oder wolf designs or the head of the Medusa. And we also have some other killer items: the Wildcat Fashion contact lenses. In about no time at all, you can have piercing blue, or even white or red eyes. If you like it even weirder, get the Sorcerer contact lenses which make a net pattern on your lenses, or how about a clock, like featured on theTick Tock lenses? Wildcat is the perfect all-around outfitter for individualists. Let's hear you roar!

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