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Rise Against prove that it's possible to combine politics and music. Since 1999, the band is on the road to deliver their lessons in political awareness. Rise Against cooperate with the dudes from Sea Shepherd and Peta to name just a few - mighty cool! Punk has always been about being blunt and frank - and Rise Against are no exception, pinpointing the wars led by the USA in certain foreign countries, or financial injustice in the USA... Rise Against have enough topics to deal with. At first, the band was considered an insider tip, but the band managed to get rid of that status with the über albums "Siren Song of the Counter Culture", "The Sufferer & The Witness" and "Appeal To Reason". But even the musically tame album "Endgame" raps on the knuckles of the right people. The lyrics were critical as usual - the band succeeded in writing very catchy tunes that still left behind a bitter Punk after-taste due to the lyrics. Tim McIlrath has a knack for dealing with his topics without annoying the fans. The concept definitely works and the success is a further hint for the band hailing from Chicago to follow their chosen path, with the "Endgame" album being just another step into this direction.

With "The Black Market", Tim McIlrath, Joe Principe, Brandon Barnes and Zach Blair

have proven once again that Punk Rock is not dead yet. The album brims with social criticism and damn good song structures - a top Rise Against output. Tracks such as "Sudden Life" oder "Methadone" are true signature songs on the album - and among our favourites, too, by the way. So it's no surprise the album has landed the top position in the Billboard Charts. As much as the band has changed musically in the course of the years, evolving from the rougher early days with "The Unraveling" and "Revolutions per Minute" - the band has always stayed true to itself and authentic. Rise Against are fantastic - and that applies to their live performances, too. Concerts on the Vans Warped Tour, on world tours with artists such as Killswitch Engange, or sold-out individual gigs have demonstrated the performance clout the boys have on stage. Rumour has it that the boys are very simpatico backstage, too - we can definitely confirm that.

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