Powerwolf are a prime example for music functioning across borders. Besides brothers Greywolf, a Frenchman and a Romanian native entered the fold early on to turn the Power Metal world upside down. Singer Attila Dorn is a great asset for Powerwolf. Coming from classical singing, he was a breath of fresh air for the band and could have filled books with legends in Romania. It all started with "Return In Bloodred" in 2005. "Lupus Dei Mei" reflected a knack for both Latin and religion. "Bible Of The Beast" and "Blood Of The Saints" led Powerwolf onto the scene's biggest stages, showing that they had made a name for themselves in the Power Metal genre. With their unmistakable appearance and impressive music, they also won awards such as "Arriver of the Year". With holy water, incense and insane guitarists dancing like dervishes on stage, Powerwolf even appeal to fans of other musical styles. With "Preachers Of The Night", they strengthened their image and further expanded their fan base. Of course, expectations were damn high after this album, but what can we say? "Blessed & Possessed" even topped it. This record is a feast of melodies and uncompromising heaviness - as it should be!

Powerwolf play a significant role within the concert circus, but also in our EMP Webshop, less with holy water and more with their albums as well as the corresponding merchandise. We hope to convince you with their CDs and band t-shirts.

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