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If you think of Thrash Metal, Kreator are a band that springs to mind immediately. However, the group from Essen, Germany, was founded as a Speed Metal act. The strength of mastermind Mille Petrozza and his cohorts became obvious rather quickly. Albums like "Pleasure To Kill", "Terrible Certainty" or "Extreme Aggression" made Kreator known internationally as a respectable entity. In 1990, "Coma Of Souls" showed the way for their future career but confused some of their fans. Kreator had reshaped their sound and were not afraid of Industrial elements. Even Gothic came into play when they wrote "Endorama". Despite such experiments, Kreator kept humouring their old fans by referring to their entire discography when they played live. "Back to the roots" became their motto with "Violent Revolution", a return to old school thrash, showing that the band was once again in its element. They recognised their actual strength and have not left the path of Thrash again since then. Still, Kreator easily manage to progress with their albums. For example, the closing song on "Phantom Antichrist" - "Until Our Paths Cross Again" - reminds of a ballad and even seems to be a tribute or homage to Ronnie James Dio.

In return, we pay tribute to Kreator for having been around for more than 30 years now as a guarantor of first-class Metal. In our shop, you also find their old albums and shirts which celebrate Thrash Metal, Kreator-style.

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