Korpiklaani managed to become a respected and popular Folk Metal band. Unlike other acts from this branch, Korpiklaani at first played Folk music and added Metal only later on. They started in 1993 as a pure Folk group under the moniker Shaman Duo and shortened the name to Shaman in 1996. That they had discovered Metal as an appropriate means of musical expression was first heard on Korpiklaani's album "Spirit Of The Forest". Since then, these Finns have been riding the Metal wave, which is reflected on numerous succeeding records. Closely connected to the nature of their home country, Korpiklaani's lyrics deal with travelling, the woods, planet Earth and hunting. Therefore, it's hardly surprising that their name Korpiklaani can be translated as "clan of the forest". Albums such as "Karkelo", "Ukon Wacka" and "Manala" show a clear influence from Humppa, the Finish version of Foxtrot. For this reason, the music is danceable and at once evokes party atmosphere during Korpiklaani's concerts. It makes the beer taste so much better.

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