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They may be seen as one of the inventors of Nu Metal, but in fact are its epitome. Korn were founded in 1993 when Grunge was still reigning, but released their debut album with critical acclaim. Are there many bands who manage to peak in the Billboard Charts at number 72 with their first effort, let alone draw legendary producer Ross Robinson onto their side? Korn achieved both! With his partly morbid, dark lyrics, Jonathan Davis could come across like another instrument, and the next record "Life Is Peachy" lived up to what the first one had offered. A top 3 position in the American charts and more than 100.000 copies sold within the first week after its release spoke a clear language as far as the band's market value was concerned. They won Grammy and MTV Awards while nothing seemed to stand in their way. The following albums came out quickly one after another but did not sound sloppy at all. Pressure notwithstanding, the group could even improve their sound, expand stylistically and open themselves to a wider audience. Breaking with the harsher aspects of their music, they were able to even write hits. Concerts and festival appearances completed the picture of Korn as a successful band. They became hugely popular, and justly so. Today, Korn keep releasing compelling albums such as "Untitled Album" or "The Path Of Totality". They simply know how it works.

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