Judas Priest

Speaking of Metal, you definitely have to mention one band in particular: JUDAS PRIEST. The Birmingham-based group has been leading the entire Metal for decades - unsurprisingly, given they have sold more than 50 million albums. With respect to "British Steel", you can say without any doubt that it triggered the "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal". What a record - it remains unbeatable even today. Especially singer Rob Halford embodies the genre like no other front man. He is a true Metal master.

With songs like "United", "Living After Midnight" or "Breaking The Law", they have also found fans outside the circles of Metal, of course. Nevertheless, large parts of society have stayed ignorant. This is why in 1990, the Englishmen had to stand trial due to allegedly satanic lyrics. Fortunately enough, they were acquitted of charge. Who knows if otherwise, late masterpieces like "Jugulator" or "Angel Of Retribution" would have come out?

However, Judas Priest have not only produced legendary records but are also a merciless live band whose concerts you won't forget. If you love Judas Priest like we do, check our EMP Judas Priest Online Shop. We have Judas Priest shirts and albums for you.

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