In Flames

In Flames are closely connected to the Gothenburg sound. After having defined this style of Metal, the band surrounding singer Anders Fridén worked itself out of the underground and became hugely popular. Their constant presence and albums like "The Jester Race" or "Clayman", who are seen as classics today, have paid off for In Flames. The band never rested on its laurels, though, but permanently progressed with records such as "Soundtrack To Your Escape" and "Come Clarity". They expanded on their established formula by implementing electronic passages that had been unheard of in Gothenburg Metal up to that point. Neither did they shy away from remixes but proved that such bold steps could work. Appearances at Wacken Open Air or Rock am Ring introduced In Flames to a broader audience, and they converted many attendants to fans. "A Sense Of Purpose" or "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" were practically rife with hits, and the accompanying concerts were noteworthy for their visual effects. Not much is left of the raw sound the band cultivated after their foundation in 1990, but this is exactly what made In Flames the big players they are today. In Flames are also important for our EMP Shop, as you may see with respect to the exclusive merchandise we have for you. Of course, you can also find their albums including all classics there.

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