Heartless Clothing is a roaring punk label that refuses to play along with the herd. Their range is immediately recognisable by its alt-punk aesthetic, with a range of zips, studs and skull sweatshirts on sale. Like its sister Scottish label, Poizen Industries, this cult clothing brand has a punk rock attitude and rips up all the rules.

Heartless’ image-defining trademarks are skeletons, inverted religious crosses, and other religious symbols. If you’re looking for something skeletal, then the fracture vest tank top is a striking number. Want more skulls? Then check out this Heartless black hoodie with pull-up skull collar for a scary Grim Reaper look. Goth girls looking for an ideal complement to an outfit, meanwhile, will love the studded Devina vest.

If you want some cult wares in your wardrobe, check out EMP’s range of Heartless clothing range, raise your middle finger to the mainstream, and offset the sartorial monotony in a heartbeat.

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