You don't want drab clothes? You refuse to go with the herd? You love skulls and upside-down crosses? Then our EMP Heartless Online Shop is the right place for you. The UK cult label clearly focuses on striking prints and designs. If you already like what the Scottish label Poizen Industries put out, you will love this stuff anyway, since Heartless Clothing is an affiliate of Poizen. Because of this, they have to know their craft. Heartless Clothing's defining trademark are skulls, upside-down crosses and other more or less religious symbols. If you prefer such designs, you cannot overlook the Heartless merchandise.

For example, how about the black "Regret" girl top? Its print shows an ouija board - very cool! You want more skulls? Simply check Heartless Clothing's "Occult Star" hooded jacket for girls. It is patterned with skulls, which work in any context, don't they?! The "Panic Jumper" hooded jacket for girls is less offensive. Its black and white colouring make it more versatile and maintains your good look - with the familiar Heartless attitude, of course. So what are you waiting for? Check out our EMP Heartless Online Shop and raise your middle-finger against the mainstream, because let's be honest: Who can seriously like running around in boring clothes? Surely not us!

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