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Probably, the Rammstein boys didn't listen to their mothers telling them not to play with fire way back when... Until today, the Germans like to indulge in fireworks, and that has become some kind of trademark for the band consisting of singer Till Lindemann, guitarist Richard Zven Kruspe, guitarist Paul Landers, bassist Oliver Riedel, drummer Christoph Schneider, and keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz. But apart from an impressive stage show, Rammstein have a lot more to offer. The Germans became a huge international success with their albums, they made videos that were R-rated sometimes, and their ambiguous lyrics still manage - but barely so - to keep up etiquette standards. Rammstein have become the most popular German band in the USA after the Scorpions - which is a real feat because their lyrics can hardly be translated: Till Lindemann uses so many ambiguous words that even native Germans have their problems with all those puns... The man is a true linguistic genius.

Rammstein are provoking, and the band knows it. And so, they stay on the path once chosen, of course - nothing has changed with albums such as "Herzeleid", "Sehnsucht", "Mutter", "Reise, Reise", "Rosenrot", or "Liebe ist für alle da (LIFAD)". Exceptions do only prove the rules, as we all know - songs like "Pussy" or "Stripped" may be written in English, but they still have the characteristic Rammstein sound. There is also an English version of the song "Engel". If you have the chance, you should definitely go see Rammstein live on stage: the band is among the best live bands ever and delivers a huge stage extravaganza, with their show being a big theatrical spectacle. There are almost no announcements in between the songs, the stagings are simply incredible. When performed live, songs like "Du riechst so gut", "Feuer frei", "Haifisch", or "Mein Teil" are simply fantastic. You haven't seen the boys in action so far or just want to remind yourself of your last Rammstein gig? Just treat yourself to the legendary "Völkerball" Live DVD - also including interviews with the band, of course. And Rammstein are a huge success in the USA, too - as proven by the "Rammstein in Amerika" Live DVD - what a concert! The tickets for their show in Madison Square Garden were sold out after just 20 minutes. The Rammstein blokes are also well-known for their overwhelming shows in Germany - their concerts in the Wuhlheide in Berlin have become legendary by now.

EMP digs Rammstein - so it's no surprise we always have enough of their merchandise at hand in our EMP Rammstein shop. We have Rammstein shirts, hoodies, tank tops, accessories, DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, and much more ready for you. We can't wait for the next Rammstein single and the new album. See you on the next Rammstein tour! Ah, and there is even more: Of course, we also have Merchandise of Richard Kruspe's side project Emigrate or Till Lindemann's solo project - well, we just love Metal!

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