Playstation isn't just a console, it's an allegiance! An allegiance to the gaming god. Have you ever passed nights, week, months in a row just to play the greatest games ever on your Playstation? Does the world consist of Δ О Х and □ for you, instead of 1 and 0? Welcome to the club! Since 1994, millions of gamers have cherished this console, playing every possible game on it. Be it Worms, Fifa Soccer, Resident Evil, or Metal Gear Solid - you're among your peers. If you like the Playstation and everything around it, why don't you show it with our Fan Merch from our EMP Online Shop? Get yourself a Playstation t-shirt, and a matching Playstation belt with a controller-shaped buckle. Or how about a Playstation Shoulder Bag with a lot of room for new games? Are you game for games? We know you are!

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