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We all know those "Slayyyeeer!" chants on festivals, don't we? Even if the band doesn't play there - the fans simply recognise each other by yelling their favourites' name, it has become some sort of homage to the Thrash Metal heroes around Kerry King and Tom Araya. Their albums "South Of Heaven" and "Seasons In The Abyss" are must-have basics in any given halfway serious record collection. The Californians have been around for more than 30 years now but are still far from retirement as proven by their newer outputs such as "Christ Illusion" or "World Painted Blood" which are still Thrash but a lot more refined than their earlier stuff. Slayer have always been up to date regarding technology and production, with an ongoing development process since the release of "Reign In Blood". The combo was even awarded two Grammies in the meantime which just shows just the band is well-received and respected beyond the Metal universe. But their impact is even bigger: the 4 band members are a big influence for younger musicians, even the Pop Rock outfit Weezer has sung about the influence Slayer had on them. And Kerry & Co. have left their marks on more bands - Fear Factory, Caliban, Shadows Fall, and At The Gates come to mind, for example. Obviously, Slayer isn't just a band, no, Slayer is one of the Big 4 and welcome on any festival everywhere - if they're not on the actual billing, the fans will at least scream the band name as loud as they can to remind everyone that on the perennial billing they have carved in their hearts, Slayer are always on top. The fans will also keep the commemoration of Jeff Hanneman in their hearts - unfortunately, the guitarist passed away 2013 - R.I.P. Jeff. But fortunately, legends never die, and Slayer have never wasted any thought on calling it quits: after all, the band is Hanneman's legacy - which is pretty much alive. With "Repentless", the titans of Thrash have come up with yet another utterly brutal masterpiece. There's a total of 12 Songs on the record, and none of them is a filler - they're just all true Slayer smashers. The cult cover artwork for the "Repentless" album was designed by Brazilian artist Marcelo Vasco in collaboration with band members Tom Araya and Kerry King - so it seems the boys are talented in that department, too!

Slayer have a huge impact on the scene - and on our EMP Shop, too: apart from their albums, we also offer the complete range of Slayer merchandise like shirts, sweaters, and tanks.

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