Sabaton have committed themselves to the niche of Power Metal - and since their first days in 1999, the Swedes have become one of the most powerful live bands ever in that genre. Sabaton's first album "Fist For Fight" revealed that the band was still looking for an individual style, and the lyrics were also different from those of later albums. The lyrics written by Sabaton deal with war in all its facets - be it the Vietnam war or the battles of the Middle Ages, Sabaton have found their core theme. It is important to the band, though, not to glorify war at all - Sabaton want to use historic facts. With the releases of "The Art Of War" and "Coat Of Arms", Sabaton also matured muscially. Keyboard parts were indelibly integrated into the band's sound, and they still are a vital element of the songs till today. Before the release of "Carolus Rex" it became known that the band members would part ways afterwards. But the continuous existence of Sabaton was granted by the remaining singer Joakim and bass player Pär. The album was released as well in English as in Swedish language.

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