Bring Me The Horizon

If you are searching for the epitome of breathtaking development, look no further than Bring Me The Horizon. In recent years, the Sheffield-boys have progressed like no other band.
Today, Oliver Sykes, Lee Malia, Matt Kean, Matt Nicholls and Jordan Fish are spearheading the Metalcore/Rock movement. BMTH's sound is straightforward, a barrage of guitar riffs and catchy as hell - great shit!
It all began with the album „Count Your Blessings“ - classy Deathcore, an open invitation to headbanging. Bring Me The Horizon did not rest on their initial laurels, though, but returned with „Suicide Season“ on Epitaph Records two years later. In October 2010, the third album „There Is a Hell, Believe Me I‘ve Seen it. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret” was released. New member Jona Weinhofen in particular showed his abilities on this record, but this didn't come as a surprise, since he had played guitar in I Killed The Prom Queen and Bleeding Through before. Guest singer Sam Carter from Architects in „The Sadness Will Never End“ raised some eyebrows, and the band received a Kerrang!-Award for the best album of 2010 - absolutely deserved in our opinion.

Shortly before their fourth album „Sempiternal“ came out, Weinhofen quit the band, too, which was not the only change in BMTH's camp. With the record ;Sempiternal“, they displayed an astounding degree of maturity. New member, keyboardist Jordan Fish, played a large role in the process. The first single „Shadow Moses“ made clear that the group was shifting towards Metalcore with Rock influences - what a great album, what an impressive sound! However, if you think „Sempiternal“ was a huge step forward, the fifth album „That’s The Spirit“ showed yet another face of the band.
Bring Me The Horizon already played the songs „Drown“, „Don’t Look Back“, „Happy Song” and “Throne” before the release, and what shall we say? They again managed to develop an entirely new sound - damn catchy and still heavy as usual for the band. Afterwards, they proved their live qualities once more, as seen on the „Live At Wembley“ DVD. These days, Sykes displays an incredible range with his voice.
By the way, you can check BMTH's live clips and music videos at Vevo  or at YouTube . We at EMP love these dudes like mad. In our Bring Me The Horizon EMP Online Shop, you find Bring Me The Horizon shirts, hoodies, albums, accessories, tank tops and much more. We are definitely looking forward tor the group's next tour. See you there.

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